Getting chilly inside again,

Now sulphuric words dissolve my brain.

Cold creeps; September is walking dead.

Hung low; the blood moon above my head.

Memories form a darker mind-frame,

Stuck together with adhesive pain.

Eyes scan for hope but words are dead.

As I seek the food wise souls are fed.

So come Heart-Warmer; conquer and reign.

Vanquish all thoughts that aren’t well and sane.

Wrap around my heart; cradle my head.

Please come spend some time with me instead.

When you’re here, knit love around my brain.

So it can snuggle, feel comfort again.

Melt away concepts, I fear, I dread,

So every thought’s peacefully tucked in bed.

Help me sink within dreams and gain

A perspective to eliminate life’s strain.

Let your light dig-in and embed.

Stay forever Heart-Warmer,

Let our thoughts be wed.

By S. K. Jackson