We live within a world of magicians, creating illusions.

But this isn’t real magic.

And I know that real magic exist because I’ve been captured by it.

You see..
..you can’t see real magic, when you are focussed on the performance of illusion. Remember they are just tricks.

The real magic in this world is felt.

An ethereal light that glows from the core of us. And it weaves itself through hearts that love. Creating a bond to another through kindness.

The ritual begins as we switch on our sensors.

Through eye connecting. Through sharing of ideas. Through caring. Through an in-depth conversation. The spell begins.

We open our doors, with trust in another, to walk through our walls. To feel a connection. A connection of energies. A happiness through harmony. A meeting of souls.

This light really ignites, when two souls seek pleasure through good intentions To create life or to express love for each other. .

Magic exist. It just isn’t seen. It is felt.

Love S.K. Jackson