Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson



Celestial Mindfield

God sent the devil to talk to you
In your celestial mindfield
Spectre fall
Spectre fall
on a sullen dawn
Reality locked you out
And now you can’t get home

Two nows, different in hue & tone
Both a mirage as reality is forever the unknown
on the surface
Inside feelings performer
diverse tricks like a circus

Moving spirals behind the eyes
complex and difficult to follow
Life is now a range
of elaborate deceptions we worship and follow

Written by S.K. Jackson




Meaning is lost to the man with no home

Thinking is a sin where the darkness is born

Love only exist, as the air hits his lungs 

Time a slow torture where sorrow is sung.

To dream, to imagine, an unnecessary affair.

Eyes smile, at lips that dance with the words, ‘take care.’ 

Hollow, on display, just a world of figurines

A stranger hears screams, of disconnect, by material means 

There is nothing left to die for. Nothing left to be.

Nothing but a soul, in a shell, waiting to leave.
Written By S.K. Jackson



The traffic holds the smallest talk
As time begins to crawl
He throws a penny for her thoughts
As she stands against the wall

She starts to ride her separate waves
But her soul stays close by
Her dreams begin to misbehave
As her reality is afraid to try

A flower trapped in layers of brick
Her petals disguise, she’s akward and shy
Tormented by the touch of finger tips
Never to be picked.
She blooms to slowly die.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Seek Beneath the Debris

Turned myself, inside out, so you could see

That there is life, beneath this piece of universe debris

Once connected, we fell and scattered over the earth

Only to start the journey of discovery at birth

Funny how we feel a magnetic pull towards certain souls

And how confusing and complicated we make it all

I guess I was hoping you would find inside of me

Something you lost and now craved to be part of thee

Written by S. K Jackson

Between rays of light and the darkness

Between rays of light and the darkness. She stood.
In midst of her reaping.
Sacrificing her sorrow, as her happiness was taken.
She is now a barren land, waiting to be nurtured. She is an empty vessel, waiting for a new beginning. Between rays of light and the darkness. She stood.

Between rays of light and the darkness. She stood.
The world turned the key whilst her back was turned.
She displays her ideas on her prison wall.
Preaching her heart. Her passion can’t be ignored.
She is now a creative essence seeking meaning. Detaching her ego, waiting for a new beginning. Between rays of light and the darkness. She stood.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Me & Melancholy

Hello Melancholy!

I wasn’t expecting you.

It is good I have my pen and paper at the ready.

I guess it’s that time again.

So let’s play, and decorate the darkness.

If I had more time today,

we could dust the debris of life

with the strumming of the guitar.

Or watch water and colours merge and seperate, to make pretty patterns.

But today we play the game I feel most vulnerable.

But the one that gives you, a great sense of release and freedom.

So let’s crack open my heart and mind.

Feel my thoughts and feelings run to each other again.

Such romance. Such pain.

Turning these visions to words can hurt at first.

So much confusion you transform to understanding.

And I am not afraid to admit, being lost in confusion and illusions,

is a place, a girl like me easily gets trapped in.

How do you find me? How do you pull me back to reality?

You are a good friend. One that people misunderstand. Not me. I love you.

I guess the Artist or Idealists must be your favorite companion.

We do complement each other.

We see perfection in life’s blemishes and flaws.

How mad is that?

Together we create perfection out of madness.

I must thank you for holding my hand while I write.

However, let’s remember to not leave me left open and exposed.

You know I love you but it is time for you to go.

Sorry you can’t linger forever.

But Happiness always follows you and we need time together.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Cookie Jar

She sat in the corner of his eye
Waiting for her time to be his focus

She could give a piece of her heart
Fight for his attention with the other roses

His mind lights the tracks to a journey she likes to get lost in

To see their minds in transit feels like a sin

Should she open up her cookie jar
And allow him in?

Written by S.K.Jackson

Should I Cross the Line?

A target on my lips.
His kiss; sets off the conflict in me.
The spirit, the love, verse the sexual addiction, and need in me.
My body cries to be touched.
My soul desire to be took.
My heart wants to be loved.
My mind needs to shut the fuck up.
The temperature rises.
I pull him to my depths.
I’ve made too many mistake, for this to turn out to be right.
I know this night could haunt me.
And I don’t want anymore visitors, leaving parts of themselves, under my skin.
So should I cross the line, in the hope my judgement is right this time.
Could he be the one or just another foolish mistake.

Written by S.K.Jackson

Just a Feeling

A cloud with constant rain.

My heart loves to yearn.

And I don’t know how,

you get inside to wake me up.

My feelings you never mock,

As you scan through my collection.

There is a warmth with your existence.

A light that penetrates without touch.

My fascination for you, skips to where you are.

As the depth that others fear in me, seems to be your favourite toy.

So I find joy in those little moments, you can spare.

As your words of wisdom, educate, and fill in the holes in me.

But my lips will stay shut…

As life is complicated enough

And I don’t understand the truth behind this admiration for you.

Because you’re kind of  a stranger. You’re kind of a friend.

You are kind of a beautiful feeling,

I hold inside,

where the sadness ends.

Written by S.K. Jackson

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