Needle and thread.
Let me pierce your flesh.
Tie a knot.
Run the cotton.
Pull it tight.
Lick the blood.
Clean the wound.
Comfort you, to seep out the gloom.

Now allow my love room…

I’ll be your Lady. I’ll be your Lady – Insane.
My life moves through your veins.
As I’m your Lady – Insane.

Pierce my flesh.
Take this needle and thread.
Move it under my skin.
Let the blood run.
Lick the liquid; vibrant red.
Sew me to you tight.
I will never leave.

Be my Lover. My Lover – Insane.
Your life lives within my veins.
My Lover – Insane.

Both obsessive, and possessive.
It is magic how we can make a right from two wrongs.
With our manic hearts; together we’ll reign.
Belonging to each other.
I feel a peace we will gain.
As our love is like us -Insane.

Written by S.K.Jackson