Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson


September 2015

The Lovers

We fall onto the grass;

We roll, we roll and laugh.

Joyous is the time we spend.

We stop, we breathe and extend;

Stretching out our elated limbs.

We smile, discharge carnal sins.

He parts my lips with his tongue;

We kiss, my heart, with his, belongs.

Collide within a sensuous dream;

I tease his needs, and he redeems

Love concealed within his heart.

I sip every word, and then we start to merge.

I trust his moves are right.

Then passion exudes, my body ignites.

And no one else needs to exist

Just me, just him, love, this kiss.

Written by S.K.Jackson



Love’s Decay

Those hateful words they burst from your lips.

Burning my heart shut; closing the very part

that was opening up to you.

It’s stopping the affection that bleeds.

Blocking the drift. I recall our first kiss,

love was liquid; our souls mixing.

Tears of rage turn to bullets of pain.

I rip open tissue, to seek a heartbeat.

I crawl, bury into your chest.

Clinging to every hope we have left.

With love deteriorating to nothingness.

We both collapse, emasculated.

Both dying from our own senseless games.

You, shot down; me, drowning within.

Both fools to think we could win.

Could love bring us back to begin?

Iron out this never-ending circle of sin.

To one line that stretches the distance,

of a love that transcends our existences.

The road starts here to seek ‘US’ again

Are you coming?

Written by S.K. Jackson

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