Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson


October 2015

Sisters of the World

Sisters of the world

My heart mirrors yours

With tears in our eyes

Because ‘man’ left us sore

Their intentions were not good

Their morals rather poor

To think hearts like us

Could be treated like whores

So wipe those tears away

As you’re worth much more

And be less of a giver

To the man who does not adore, your soul.

Written by S.K.Jackson



Joy Ride

I dream, I am the heart inside of you. And as I react to how you feel,

you feel me under your chest.

I dream, I am the lungs inside of you. And as you take a breath,

I am moved that you are alive.

I dream, that I am the eyes, the nose and the mouth that senses and seeks

all the things that you desire.

I dream, that I am part of you

 And I experience you,

as you,

in all your sadness and greatness.

And with my thoughts of possession,

I dream I am as close as your spirit within your shell.

I am envious that your spirit hangs out with you, all of your life.

Because if I was as close as your spirit, only death could set us apart.

Yes I dream, I am a passenger,

taking the ride of my life.

Written By S.K.Jackson

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