Yes, my ideas build a world so plain.

I tune every day, to black and white.

Abandon love, while others taste its rain.

But could it quench my soul with insight?

Tearing tainted tissues from my brain.

Feelings tied to strings, set kite to flight.

Please! Please! new visions step in and stain

With fresh concepts of colour and light.

Is it time to let my mind evolve?

Colour-in the dark shades in my head.

Animosity dissolve! Embellish my grey sampler

with yarns of vibrant thread.

I must challenge my mind; book at a time

Swallow words like they’re euphoriants.

Liquid azure runs with a black outline.

Why did my soul sit and become stagnant?

Stealing the reflection from another’s eyes

A life of colour will start to form.

Looking up to seek knowledge in the sky

Tinted pink and red; blue’s not alone.

Words pour like rainbow sprinkles

Upon this glacial atmosphere.

They break the ice; I catch the giggles

Mouth wide open; love’s rain is here.

There’s more to life than grey and blue.

Darkness be gone from centre stage

Happiness flourish within me.

I feel my soul eager to turn a new page.

So what else is there to find?

Looking outside my eyes roam

And a theory drives my mind,


Colour, shades and tints of light,

We are the people of polychrome!

Yes! We bring pleasure to sight,

We are the people of polychrome!