We are dust: Debris of a hand-sleight.
We are dust: Sparkled as we merged with light.
We are dust: Designed, atoms bound tight.
We are dust: Settled with heavens insight.

I am part of you, you are part me; No separation, until we made it be.

We collide with hate, we collide with fist. Segregation: a mind created this.

We scrutnise skin; eyes so wasteful. But seek a rainbow to feel hopeful.

We’re all connected, and can be free. Let’s excite our atoms.Open up to see.

Into what use to be; into the stars’ memory; into you; into me; our hearts;the world’s beauty

We are entangled, destined to be. Born from God’s lust,

We are all stardust……

written by S.K. Jackson