The Separation Of Me

She opens me up.
She walks me to dead ends.
She stares back at me with laughing eyes.
She is so sure of herself and loves to party.
But brings an aftermath of despair.

She hides in my morning reflection.
I don’t know what to do when she hurts me.
I don’t know why she makes me sad.
I don’t understand her need for attention.
I don’t understand why she doesn’t love me, when she’s all that I have.

But when she sleeps or separates herself.
I wish she’d awaken or return to me.
To take over my senses so I feel free.
So I don’t have to think any more.
Don’t need to be the sad, sad girl she’s left behind.
When she is here she numbs me, makes me normal.
Others perceive me as perfect with no pain.
And I can be careless with her mission for love.

It is nothing new.
She has left before.
But this time I need to close the door and play with the girl inside that loves me.
This is just the story of the..
…’Separation of Me’

Written by S.K.Jackson