A post-mortem of feelings.
Talking without hesitations.
Words thrown like objects.
Breaking skin; to hide within the soul.

The mind thinks.
The heart sinks.
As I beg and beg, to the feelings they place inside..
‘Please don’t be immortal – I can’t live’

Now my heart rots and dies.
And here comes the party of flies.
Regurgitating their vile lies.
While gorging on fragments of my love and sorrow.

A taste of sweet to the normal shit they eat.
They think the truth will never escape them. Hoping It will die with my beaten soul.
But every bite they take of my flesh and organs, reveals what they hide.

They dine like it is their victory.
But it is mine.
To fight would only create more tears.
So my faith in me, eliminates their unnecessary torture.

Now they eat the feelings they placed.
Laughing, as if, I am the fool.
Blaming the victim and reaping the rewards.
The ‘love’ they once shared was an illusion.

And with their full bellies and egos
– they dispel.

And amongst my leftover remains and decay; my new life flourishes and my soul blooms.

Without them.

I am now well.

Written by S.K.Jackson