Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson


December 2015


You are permanent my love.
You are more than a thought.
My darling!
You are branded in my mind.
You are beneath my skin.
Sat behind my eyes.

Now every man that I see.
Does not compare to thee.
I feel you look at them.
Yes! You’re looking straight at them, through me.

I have captured emotions.
That circle with one another.
Circle like fish in a net.
Beneath a dark vast ocean.
Oh feelings, I beg that you break free from me.

This love for you is a tiny light. Dragging my heart across dry land.
Burning logic that once existed.
I am blind and hopeless.
Barely surviving in this arid climate.

What lives in me?
I am tormented and vunerable.
Is it a curse? Is it voodoo?
It’s so hard to fathom.
You see darling, nothing excites my mouth like the taste of you.
Due to this,I am famished.

I love you. I adore you. I want you.
Even the death of me would create a ghost for you.
Shackled and bound to your soul.
Yes! I am your slave for eternity.

And the truth is.
I feel us meeting was a twisted sick fate.
Fate, merging with destiny’s desire.
You see my love,how can I bond to another?
When I was born with you branded on my bones, heart and mind.

Written by S.K. Jackson


Futile Pleasures

He said my lips were pleasure but he didn’t hear my voice.

He said my mouth was pleasure but he didn’t hear my voice.

He said my tongue was a treasure to my fucking mouth, but he didn’t hear my voice.

No! he wouldn’t hear my voice.

But here he is again between my lips, trying to enter the playground.

Oh lord! Why can’t he see, I was not made for such futile pleasures. His sorcery of seduction enchants my heart to believe in him.

Oh! Can I translate my thoughts, my heart, through voice and touch to arouse.

In the hope he sees more in me than a fuck. He’ll see me as a voice, a love, his spouse.

Written by S.K.Jackson

Stardust Nation

We are dust: Debris of a hand-sleight.
We are dust: Sparkled as we merged with light.
We are dust: Designed, atoms bound tight.
We are dust: Settled with heavens insight.

I am part of you, you are part me; No separation, until we made it be.

We collide with hate, we collide with fist. Segregation: a mind created this.

We scrutnise skin; eyes so wasteful. But seek a rainbow to feel hopeful.

We’re all connected, and can be free. Let’s excite our atoms.Open up to see.

Into what use to be; into the stars’ memory; into you; into me; our hearts;the world’s beauty

We are entangled, destined to be. Born from God’s lust,

We are all stardust……

written by S.K. Jackson

Unrequited Devotion

He sends me on an insatiable quest to go beyond the surface, beneath his skin, to kiss the soul of him.

I guess I am a little obsessed and highly curious, as to how I can feel so much within.

I am not his focus or a thought in his head. But I feel him inside, embed in my chest.

My words are deep, and intense. But in my defence, these feelings, he created them.

Unrequited Devotion, crashed my heart on an island. Lost, thirsty, with delusions of him loving me.

The secret of my heart. The spark and sorrow in my art. As sadness echos the truth. That I’ll never be a part of him.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Ink Intravenous

Ink Intravenous

He allows words and ideas to play.
I withdraw the sceptic and love begins.
He turns magic from under his sleeves.
I am bitten; infected with his creative disease.

My blood, carries his words to my heart.
His art paints poetry under my skin.
I am tripping on Desire’s internal twist.
As his thoughts decorate my inner bliss.

I pled for him to penetrate me with his pen.
For him to bring me to life again.
On my knees I offer my soul.
A human canvas, I am his, forever to own.
My heart is a fan. I’ll be Art to the man.
Awaiting his Ink Intravenous…

Written by S.K. Jackson

The Tale of Time

Time is a contradiction;
It is both tragedy and hope.

Life is sitting on my wrist, with the possibility to cope.

Fluttering forward on my watch, who knows when the sorrow will stop.

As sadness like happiness passes away, with the chime of a clock.

Everything in life is changeable and contradicts.

The wheel can bring fortune or grief.

So notice the circle and you will see.

If the sad times are rolling today.
The good times are on their way.

This is life and forever will be.

A happy/sad you and me.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Fallen Angel (Veiled in Lust)

Oh darling! Please don’t fail.
When you pull down her veil.
Don’t see her like the others.
Don’t create in her, what they do.
God brought her to your feet.
She gave you a taste of sweet.
So let love in your heart prevail.
When you take down her veil.
Her love for you is eternal.
So be gentle, as you wrap her in your charms.
As a flower in idle hands is fatal.
Angel’s don’t belong in the aftermath of lust or harm.
In you, they seek a place called Love.
In you, they seek a place called Love.
So darling please don’t fail.
When you pull down her veil.

Written by S.K. Jackson

Mr Sun and I

Clouds Tinged red and Orange

guard the blazing sun.

Bashful he sought concealment

under the vaporous canopy.

And there he seems to sleep

Within a peaceful daydream.

And here I sit and seek

under his jaded light-beams.

Rested, he immolates his shelter

And it ignites me inside.

His beauty blinds my eyes

And I’m struck sightless for a while.

Allowing his light to show

It gives me hope to grow.

Inside to become hopeful

and emerge from my refuge

Written by S.K. Jackson

Polychromatic People

Yes, my ideas build a world so plain.

I tune every day, to black and white.

Abandon love, while others taste its rain.

But could it quench my soul with insight?

Tearing tainted tissues from my brain.

Feelings tied to strings, set kite to flight.

Please! Please! new visions step in and stain

With fresh concepts of colour and light.

Is it time to let my mind evolve?

Colour-in the dark shades in my head.

Animosity dissolve! Embellish my grey sampler

with yarns of vibrant thread.

I must challenge my mind; book at a time

Swallow words like they’re euphoriants.

Liquid azure runs with a black outline.

Why did my soul sit and become stagnant?

Stealing the reflection from another’s eyes

A life of colour will start to form.

Looking up to seek knowledge in the sky

Tinted pink and red; blue’s not alone.

Words pour like rainbow sprinkles

Upon this glacial atmosphere.

They break the ice; I catch the giggles

Mouth wide open; love’s rain is here.

There’s more to life than grey and blue.

Darkness be gone from centre stage

Happiness flourish within me.

I feel my soul eager to turn a new page.

So what else is there to find?

Looking outside my eyes roam

And a theory drives my mind,


Colour, shades and tints of light,

We are the people of polychrome!

Yes! We bring pleasure to sight,

We are the people of polychrome!

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