Part 1:
Ribs parted forcing feelings to erupt.
His love for all was ascending lava.
Roaring, blasting to the sky above.
Only to settle, forming his prison.

A statue he came to be.
Between fire’s fury and the turbulent sea.
Obsidian lay fractured between his chest.
Rumours spread that life around him had perished.

His tempest soul was buried deep beneath the black.
His eyes begged for someone to set him free.
No women dared touch hearts to break through.
Years passed as people turned a blind eye to his plea.

Black stone that barely resembled a man.
The curious would travel from far lands.
Their piercing eyes, in the distant watched.
Stares of fear and pity. It seemed all was lost.

But amongst the crowd she stood…

Part 2:
She could mirror a heartbeat.
Her mind imagined a quest for love.
Her thoughts of him fearless and sweet.
‘Could it be true?
Could his heart be the darkest blue?’

No fear; she embraced the souls of the lost.
Her heart cast out to salvage and repair.
She stripped away her clothes and wealth.
And dived under fire’s fury, and the turbulent sea.

Folks warned her no good would come of this.
He was too far in the abyss to create her happiness.
But she had travelled miles. Sacrifice all she knew.
To gamble her life to see if all was true..

Part 3:
Her finger tips felt pain and fear upon the sea.
So she created waves as messages to him.
Gentle vibrations of love and kindness, he began to feel within.
She dived and swam underneath the prison.
Moving and dancing beneath him. Creating the ocean to become warm.
She spiralled, and broke the black rock he had formed.
Her skin became beat, bruised, cut and torn.

She danced to her death for a love unknown.
Her cadaver drifted as angels fought for her soul.
He caught her spirit and reeled her in.
Sacrifice his statue to rejoin her spirit and matter. To try to save her

He kissed her lips with such sorrow and pain.
Unknown to him, he was bringing her to life again.
He felt her eye lashes stroke his cheek as her lips allowed him in.
He had never felt a touch so precious, so tender and sweet.

She fuelled in him a heartbeat.
A liquid love emerged from both their ribs.
And mixed their souls together.
Creating an immortal love.

Written by S.K.Jackson