She was dualism…

..He had caught her and placed her within this concept. And even though she was confusing to him, she sparked an interest that made him want her. His thoughts of her opposing light and dark became his obsession to figure her out. Her spirit and her matter created in him, two separate feelings. Both were exhilarating to explore.

He never knew if she would bring her delicate side; pouring love’s fuel in his heart. Or her dangerous side; using her body to set his soul to flames. Her words were either gentle; rocking the world to sleep. Or a powerful weapon; charging from her lips like she was at war.

She split herself when she was protecting her life. Her material self disconnected from her consciousness. Both living side-by-side. They would dance together through life but never to be one. Every step forward, her spirit would be turbulent, perceiving her hard to really know. Her Matter; a slave to the world just playing her part. Underneath the flesh she held a library of feelings.

The outcome; she was many things.

The concept of night and day was a reflection of her being. She confused people as she confused herself. She wanted to experience everything. Feeling something deeply and true was her daily objective. Walking souls through many emotions, was her role in the universe.

Everyone felt her stirring their feelings and slurping their thoughts, due to her intense hunger. And she would stick her fingers in anyone who was open, hot and tasty. Storing their concepts and stories in her pantry, as they were seasoning to sprinkle on her imagination. This made her authentic self even less visible to others. Never seeing who she actually was.

..To him, she was his desire and his worst nightmare.
His analytical mind spent hours taking her to pieces.
And even though she frustrated him at times, she was his favourite puzzle.
He had to figure out the merging of her.
Could he bring the matter and spirit to be as one?
But the inevitability of his obsession, was he was in love with the way she was.
Her depth. Her confusion. The uncertainty of what she would show him next. The fact she wasn’t obvious. The way she open him up mentally and emotionally. She played her part in the world and blended in, but underneath, she wasn’t like anything he had felt or explored before.
So instead he would find the glory in her spirit and matter, trying not to upset one.
He might win. Win her trust. Win her Heart.

And the extremes of our spiritual and physical needs, to him they are the ingredients of life.
She had perfected the power of both, material and spiritual living.
Dualism! Well, she was needed.
Needed for him to experience and feel everything, physically and spiritually.
He knew she was everything.
He knew she was LIFE!

And he became caught himself, between the faith and fear of loving her.

By S. K. Jackson