Some view me as Poetic, as Art’s Advocate, or an empathy of this Earth. Some say that my words are a reflection of their souls. After viewing Starry’s Confessions the perceptions they have maybe your view of me too. But all I can say about me is, my heart is a finely tuned instrument and my mind, its favourite composer. Together they converse and I write my Soul’s statements. These confessions are just fragments of my feelings that once resided in me. They are the merging of my imagination and my reality. And sometimes my life that is now a memory.

Hope you enjoy the read. Love S.K.J.

‘Love doesn’t just exist; it is created. Hate doesn’t just exist; it is created. And the choice resides in all of us; as we are the creators. 

‘Do not neglect the seeds within you, as they are the beginning. Give them time to grow. Nurture them, feed them, and give them light. This will allow the seeds to create roots, so they become a strength within you. Do not give up. Spend the time to aid your talents to reach great heights.

Quote by Sara Kirsty Jackson (Starry’s Confessions)