Those hateful words they burst from your lips.

Burning my heart shut; closing the very part

that was opening up to you.

It’s stopping the affection that bleeds.

Blocking the drift. I recall our first kiss,

love was liquid; our souls mixing.

Tears of rage turn to bullets of pain.

I rip open tissue, to seek a heartbeat.

I crawl, bury into your chest.

Clinging to every hope we have left.

With love deteriorating to nothingness.

We both collapse, emasculated.

Both dying from our own senseless games.

You, shot down; me, drowning within.

Both fools to think we could win.

Could love bring us back to begin?

Iron out this never-ending circle of sin.

To one line that stretches the distance,

of a love that transcends our existences.

The road starts here to seek ‘US’ again

Are you coming?

Written by S.K. Jackson