I am not saying I can see through his walls.
I am not saying he loves me, not saying that at all.
Just when I fall, he doesn’t run.
He doesn’t leave to go chase fun.
He pins my sorrow to the wall.
Simplifies the map to my complicated road.
And the journey isn’t walked alone.
Destination to hope, no longer unknown.

I am not saying we see eye to eye.
I am not saying we don’t bump heads, most of the time.
But even though we aren’t compatible, there’s something that’s desirable.
Yes my love for him his admirable.
Even if not practical.

But I’m not saying he’s perfect, a saint, or a sinless soul.
Not saying his intentions are deep, or he’s a saviour to the world so to speak.
But If there was ever a God design in a man.
In this moment, tonight, right now.
I would say he comes close, as close as one can.

Written by S.K.Jackson