Her eyes reminded him of nimbus clouds merging with the teal sky.

Her sullen stare hit his senses like peppermint exploding on his tongue. Strong, hot and refreshing.

She looked at him but he knew….

….he knew, the vision behind her eyes wasn’t just his reflection.

He felt her within him, searching for his dark secrets and all that was sacred.

Her intense gaze was exploring all that he hid, deep within.

Not a word was spoken from her lips. Until she came to find herself beneath all that was dark, sinful and sacred.

Her lips parted.

He exhaled.

Focussing on her red lips he moved his fingers to touch them. He wanted to feel the words.

She whispered to him,

‘I see this vision you have inside you. This vision of me, mixed with your fear and desires. I want to make ‘Her’ a reality. I want to swim like she does within you. Deep within the abyss of your mind and heart. I want to be your darkness. I want to be your light. Oh darling, can we create ‘Her’ in me and make me sacred tonight? My love claim me’

He replied,

‘You’ve already claimed me, my sweet, euphoric nectar. How do you know my thoughts, without my lips ever parting. You have always been ‘Her’ and you are already deep within me. The world must have dreamt you. Your soul so otherworldly. Your beauty, could only belong in dreams. This magic that you have. It has captured and enslaved my heart to you for eternity.

I am bound to you. My sweet euphoric nectar.’

To be continued…..

Written by S.K. Jackson