Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson


July 2016

I am Water..

I am water.
I flow like liquid.
I was transparent at birth but now I hold treasures and danger like an ocean. I reflect many colours and hold life’s pollution.

I am water.
I flow like liquid.
I can overwhelm you and pull you to my depths or create waves and send you on a safe journey home. My thoughts can pour into your mind to be contained or stretch a great distance.

I am water
I flow like liquid.
I am gentle like the tide that worships at your feet
Turbulent like waves, crashing towards your heart and as deep as the tears that you weep.

Oh darling! My love for you seeps.
So hold your breath and dive in.

I can feel you.
Your hands secure – hold me like the earth. Touches you place on my skin create waves.
Your fingers spiral like the movement of air, sending me to arousal.
Love trickles onto your skin.

I feel you dissolve into me – as you feel me soaking into you.
We are like the elements merging as we crash to climax.

Written by S.K.Jackson


The Perplexity of People

The mystery in people
A collection of characters
all packed up inside.

Torment in their minds
Which one do they find and use this time?

The selfless and selfish begin to commence battle in one’s heart.

Questions inside regurgitate
On what others perceive,
On the actions believed to be right.

No one is real. We’re influenced by others. Stealing from life. Learning who we are each day.

We change. We regress.
Things that once were dear to us are lost in the sorrows of yesterday.

We perceive others from our own reality. We decided on truth or lies. If words paint a fairytale or if they bleed real life.

We are all complex creatures.
Steering to emotion or logic.
Fighting for our existence.

All thinking we have the answers.
All thinking our opinion is right.
All seeking to see our visions behind another’s eyes.

Written by S.K. Jackson


She is the Devil in his Heaven and God in his Hell.

She created this as a gift for him as..

..(he) was (art).

He was the God of the sky, to her starry eyes.

Joining reality and imagination to a crazed infatuation.

Setting of sparks when her spirit turned dark.

He cast a spell with a beat from his heart.

Now he’s the Devil in her Heaven and God in her Hell.

He became this for her as..

..s(he) is (art.)

Written by S.K.Jackson

Kingdom of God

So you want to enter inside?

You want to enter the Kingdom of God?

Well boy I say unto thee…

….Unless you are born of Spirit, you cannot enter into me.

Repent boy.

Boy repent.

Repent and believe in love’s gospel.

I will grant you redemption.

Exorcise  your past sins.

Your gift is my Kingdom, as my lips crown you as king.

So as you thrust on to me. And worship this glory land.

You will be purified and released from the man whore you once was…

..And I will deliver you from bitches!


Written by S.K.Jackson


Pick my skin like a scab.
This cage links me to brutality, past massacre and war.
Inflicting pain and suffering is no weapon of mine.
Seeing war and bloodshed brings great sorrow inside.
My soul hurts, as I see the injustice in life.
No one has the right to take another man’s life but evil proceeds to do so.
It sickens me inside.
My story began when I was born.
So in life I should be judge by how I perform.
I have no focus of hate.
Love is my focus to create.
I see that the majority of the world is conscious of the material and flesh.
But lack sense of the spirit within.
I guess it is the system we live in.

Segregation; the state of mind of the racist. To divide by colour of the flesh and their narrow-minded beliefs. Myopic vision, they conquer through pain and sin

Unity; the state of mind of the evolved. To promote a unified spiritual world to live in. Identifying that no race is superior. We are all the same within.

I choose unity.
I believe in the spectrum of colour.

I believe in creation.

I am sadden we are blind.
Blind to the fact that we are all Art.

I fear we will never become a masterpiece.
Until we stop seeing with our eyes and instead with our hearts.

Written by S.K.Jackson

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