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S. K. Jackson



Magic Exist

We live within a world of magicians, creating illusions.

But this isn’t real magic.

And I know that real magic exist because I’ve been captured by it.

You see.. can’t see real magic, when you are focussed on the performance of illusion. Remember they are just tricks.

The real magic in this world is felt.

An ethereal light that glows from the core of us. And it weaves itself through hearts that love. Creating a bond to another through kindness.

The ritual begins as we switch on our sensors.

Through eye connecting. Through sharing of ideas. Through caring. Through an in-depth conversation. The spell begins.

We open our doors, with trust in another, to walk through our walls. To feel a connection. A connection of energies. A happiness through harmony. A meeting of souls.

This light really ignites, when two souls seek pleasure through good intentions To create life or to express love for each other. .

Magic exist. It just isn’t seen. It is felt.

Love S.K. Jackson


A Message from Love

Just stop your thoughts for a minute.

Be in the moment.
You are still thinking aren’t you?
Forever trying to find meaning and reason.
Well right now there is no meaning.
Stop the thoughts.
You are fighting so many things in your past, and in the world.
You know some fights can’t be won.
Stop dragging them with you.
Sometimes you just got to let go.
I’ll teach you to make light of the situation.
It doesn’t have to always feel heavy.

I’ve never know anyone feel like you or give pieces of their heart to so many people without question or reason. Even strangers. Doesn’t it feel exhausting?

And why do you care so much about what other people think of you anyway.
You know their perceptions aren’t you.
You tell me this all the time.
It was you who told me, that people make assumptions on what life has taught them and judge you from their experiences.
And you are right, so trust your own advice.

Stop trying to please people.
Don’t dumb down your intelligence for others.
You don’t have to be friends with people who hurt you or take away your peace either.
No one can say you didn’t try.
I’ve never know you not give.
But not everyone is looking to connect.
Stop hanging on, trying to find the good. Trying to find meaning.
Just walk away.
Why can’t you let go?
Why are others so important to you?
The question I have for you is how important are you to yourself?

I see you reaching out to others.
You’ve got a massive heart.
I just wish you’d take care of it.
I do like that spark you have.
I know you have got my back.
You don’t run from the darkness and sadness in others.
You are selfless. That is a strength.

You might be crazy but it’s a good thing.
Complexed too. A little sensitive and extreme. Expressive, deep, kind and funny.You are so many things.
But you don’t have to prove you are in control of everything all the time.
You don’t have to prove anything.

Stop giving yourself away.

I’m not trying to change you.
I wouldn’t dare because I know you’d tell me where to get off.
Plus there aren’t that many special things in the world, so you can’t change.
You are needed.
I love who you are.
It is unique.
And it has been there for me. You always have been there.
I just want to see you relax a little.
Take a moment for yourself.
Stop worrying about others.
I just want you to let go now and again
I just want to see you happy.
You give so much happiness to others
save some for you.

Written by S.K. Jackson

I am Water..

I am water.
I flow like liquid.
I was transparent at birth but now I hold treasures and danger like an ocean. I reflect many colours and hold life’s pollution.

I am water.
I flow like liquid.
I can overwhelm you and pull you to my depths or create waves and send you on a safe journey home. My thoughts can pour into your mind to be contained or stretch a great distance.

I am water
I flow like liquid.
I am gentle like the tide that worships at your feet
Turbulent like waves, crashing towards your heart and as deep as the tears that you weep.

Oh darling! My love for you seeps.
So hold your breath and dive in.

I can feel you.
Your hands secure – hold me like the earth. Touches you place on my skin create waves.
Your fingers spiral like the movement of air, sending me to arousal.
Love trickles onto your skin.

I feel you dissolve into me – as you feel me soaking into you.
We are like the elements merging as we crash to climax.

Written by S.K.Jackson


She is the Devil in his Heaven and God in his Hell.

She created this as a gift for him as..

..(he) was (art).

He was the God of the sky, to her starry eyes.

Joining reality and imagination to a crazed infatuation.

Setting of sparks when her spirit turned dark.

He cast a spell with a beat from his heart.

Now he’s the Devil in her Heaven and God in her Hell.

He became this for her as..

..s(he) is (art.)

Written by S.K.Jackson

I am Art & I am the Artist

I am not your creation.
I am not your idea.
I am not the thoughts in your head.
I am the thoughts in my head.
I am the feelings in my heart.
I am the creator beyond my body.
I am Spirit, caged beneath flesh and bones.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not your possession.
Or a part of your game.
I am the making of me.
I am everything you can’t grasp.
I am deeper than what you see.
Yes, I am beyond your world, stood outside of your standards.
I am rare and unknown.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not your slave.
Or the perceptions that you stir.
So don’t place me in a box.
With a timer on the top.
I am timeless and otherwordly.
I am ethereal twisted with reality.
I am evolving as I grow.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not one dimensional.
Or as obvious as you claim.
I am complex.
So stop your assumptions.
Stop placing labels on me.
I am love. I am hate. I am lost. I am found. I am sexuality. I am purity. I am confusion. I am understood. I am all things.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not a thread you weave and spin.
I am not your concern but I am significant.
I am alien to some.
I am human to others.
I am consciousness.
I exist.
I am life and it’s meaning.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

Written by S.K.Jackson

I Don’t Want Reality To Lose My Religion

His music is sacred to my heart.

I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

I meditate on his creations everyday.

I don’t want my mind to lose my religion.

I don’t want what is sacred to be lost.

I won’t forsake his music at any cost.

In a world where love is hard to come across.

I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

I don’t want what I love to be lost.

Thinking on things that he said.
His words are sacred.

Dancing around in my head.
His words are sacred.

And I’ll be moving for him, to come and make me sacred.

And I’ll move only for him, so he will, make me sacred.

The sacrament’s his song, so I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

My lips and tongue rejoice, as they sing along.

I don’t want my mind to lose my religion.

My ears worship the sound as gospel.
My heart no longer feels hostile.

I don’t want what I love to be lost.

I don’t want to forsake my God.

Written by S.K.Jackson

Angel Delight

She is Love’s vessel.
She is a poet at night.
She is a star in the universe.
She is Angel Delight.

She is Heaven’s heart.
She is pure in the sunlight.
She is lust holding the moon tight.
She is Angel Delight.

She is kind to those that suffer.
She is the backbone for her brothers.
She is a sisters and the worlds mother.
She is Angel Delight.

She is trust to those that doubt.
She is time to those that count.
She is truth to thoughts of flight.
She is Angel Delight.

She is desire.
She is hope.
She is obsession at God’s feet.

She is innocence.
She is hunger.
She is the taste of sweet.

She has eyes that light the dark.
A soul that creates sparks.
The protector of all hearts.
She is Angel Delight.

Written by S.K.Jackson

She’s Found in the Right Hemisphere

I am the secret.
I am the shame.
I am the dream that reality never became.

I seek the darkness.
I seek the light.
While visions flourish, damage stays out of sight.

My soul will not settle.
My thoughts will not quit.
My peculiar mind uncovers the devil’s tricks.

A woman untamed.
So I will carry the blame.
To never reside in the left side of their brains.

So dial the phone.
Converse with the unknown.
And find me in the Right Hemisphere.

Written by S.K. Jackson


Hey Troubadour won’t you sing me a tune.
They tell me your pain has saved many a fool.
You sing of torture. You sing from your wounds.
So hey Troubadour won’t you sing me a tune.

They say your heart’s filled with nettles and thorns.
A wild garden left neglected to form.
Into a dangerous forbidden home.
Of unhappy stories no one wants to own.

A heart that’s left to sleep.
A mind that delves into the unwanted.
You draw me in.I can’t help but feel.
There’s part of me in every story.

You’re a stranger who knows me well. You dance in my soul; a ballroom of hell.
Confronting my demons. Undoing the spell.
So sing your songs and let my heart rebel.

Written by S.K.Jackson

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