Hello Melancholy!

I wasn’t expecting you.

It is good I have my pen and paper at the ready.

I guess it’s that time again.

So let’s play, and decorate the darkness.

If I had more time today,

we could dust the debris of life

with the strumming of the guitar.

Or watch water and colours merge and seperate, to make pretty patterns.

But today we play the game I feel most vulnerable.

But the one that gives you, a great sense of release and freedom.

So let’s crack open my heart and mind.

Feel my thoughts and feelings run to each other again.

Such romance. Such pain.

Turning these visions to words can hurt at first.

So much confusion you transform to understanding.

And I am not afraid to admit, being lost in confusion and illusions,

is a place, a girl like me easily gets trapped in.

How do you find me? How do you pull me back to reality?

You are a good friend. One that people misunderstand. Not me. I love you.

I guess the Artist or Idealists must be your favorite companion.

We do complement each other.

We see perfection in life’s blemishes and flaws.

How mad is that?

Together we create perfection out of madness.

I must thank you for holding my hand while I write.

However, let’s remember to not leave me left open and exposed.

You know I love you but it is time for you to go.

Sorry you can’t linger forever.

But Happiness always follows you and we need time together.

Written by S.K. Jackson