A cloud with constant rain.

My heart loves to yearn.

And I don’t know how,

you get inside to wake me up.

My feelings you never mock,

As you scan through my collection.

There is a warmth with your existence.

A light that penetrates without touch.

My fascination for you, skips to where you are.

As the depth that others fear in me, seems to be your favourite toy.

So I find joy in those little moments, you can spare.

As your words of wisdom, educate, and fill in the holes in me.

But my lips will stay shut…

As life is complicated enough

And I don’t understand the truth behind this admiration for you.

Because you’re kind of  a stranger. You’re kind of a friend.

You are kind of a beautiful feeling,

I hold inside,

where the sadness ends.

Written by S.K. Jackson