The mystery in people
A collection of characters
all packed up inside.

Torment in their minds
Which one do they find and use this time?

The selfless and selfish begin to commence battle in one’s heart.

Questions inside regurgitate
On what others perceive,
On the actions believed to be right.

No one is real. We’re influenced by others. Stealing from life. Learning who we are each day.

We change. We regress.
Things that once were dear to us are lost in the sorrows of yesterday.

We perceive others from our own reality. We decided on truth or lies. If words paint a fairytale or if they bleed real life.

We are all complex creatures.
Steering to emotion or logic.
Fighting for our existence.

All thinking we have the answers.
All thinking our opinion is right.
All seeking to see our visions behind another’s eyes.

Written by S.K. Jackson