Starry's Confessions

S. K. Jackson




A post-mortem of feelings.
Talking without hesitations.
Words thrown like objects.
Breaking skin; to hide within the soul.

The mind thinks.
The heart sinks.
As I beg and beg, to the feelings they place inside..
‘Please don’t be immortal – I can’t live’

Now my heart rots and dies.
And here comes the party of flies.
Regurgitating their vile lies.
While gorging on fragments of my love and sorrow.

A taste of sweet to the normal shit they eat.
They think the truth will never escape them. Hoping It will die with my beaten soul.
But every bite they take of my flesh and organs, reveals what they hide.

They dine like it is their victory.
But it is mine.
To fight would only create more tears.
So my faith in me, eliminates their unnecessary torture.

Now they eat the feelings they placed.
Laughing, as if, I am the fool.
Blaming the victim and reaping the rewards.
The ‘love’ they once shared was an illusion.

And with their full bellies and egos
– they dispel.

And amongst my leftover remains and decay; my new life flourishes and my soul blooms.

Without them.

I am now well.

Written by S.K.Jackson


The Perplexity of People

The mystery in people
A collection of characters
all packed up inside.

Torment in their minds
Which one do they find and use this time?

The selfless and selfish begin to commence battle in one’s heart.

Questions inside regurgitate
On what others perceive,
On the actions believed to be right.

No one is real. We’re influenced by others. Stealing from life. Learning who we are each day.

We change. We regress.
Things that once were dear to us are lost in the sorrows of yesterday.

We perceive others from our own reality. We decided on truth or lies. If words paint a fairytale or if they bleed real life.

We are all complex creatures.
Steering to emotion or logic.
Fighting for our existence.

All thinking we have the answers.
All thinking our opinion is right.
All seeking to see our visions behind another’s eyes.

Written by S.K. Jackson


She is the Devil in his Heaven and God in his Hell.

She created this as a gift for him as..

..(he) was (art).

He was the God of the sky, to her starry eyes.

Joining reality and imagination to a crazed infatuation.

Setting of sparks when her spirit turned dark.

He cast a spell with a beat from his heart.

Now he’s the Devil in her Heaven and God in her Hell.

He became this for her as..

..s(he) is (art.)

Written by S.K.Jackson

Lady Utopia – Born in the Fall.

She was born on Autumn Leaves.

When the land grieved the summer greens.

The world was overwhelmed with orange & brown.

The crisp of decay scatter the ground.

A sky of crimson brought rapture to sight.

While people were starved of warmth and light.

Rays struggle to shine from an exhausted sun.

Winter would arrive in the weeks to come.

Yes the earth died when her life begun.

The wind; criminal. The trees had to succumb.

As branches became bare.

Her soul became aware, that she had far to go.

She  carried the scent from the bonfires of yesterday.

Burning the darkness that held souls at hostage.

Creating hope.

She paved the way in ones heart to Utopia.

Written by S.K.Jackson

I am Art & I am the Artist

I am not your creation.
I am not your idea.
I am not the thoughts in your head.
I am the thoughts in my head.
I am the feelings in my heart.
I am the creator beyond my body.
I am Spirit, caged beneath flesh and bones.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not your possession.
Or a part of your game.
I am the making of me.
I am everything you can’t grasp.
I am deeper than what you see.
Yes, I am beyond your world, stood outside of your standards.
I am rare and unknown.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not your slave.
Or the perceptions that you stir.
So don’t place me in a box.
With a timer on the top.
I am timeless and otherwordly.
I am ethereal twisted with reality.
I am evolving as I grow.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not one dimensional.
Or as obvious as you claim.
I am complex.
So stop your assumptions.
Stop placing labels on me.
I am love. I am hate. I am lost. I am found. I am sexuality. I am purity. I am confusion. I am understood. I am all things.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

I am not a thread you weave and spin.
I am not your concern but I am significant.
I am alien to some.
I am human to others.
I am consciousness.
I exist.
I am life and it’s meaning.

I am Art and I am the Artist.

Written by S.K.Jackson

I Don’t Want Reality To Lose My Religion

His music is sacred to my heart.

I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

I meditate on his creations everyday.

I don’t want my mind to lose my religion.

I don’t want what is sacred to be lost.

I won’t forsake his music at any cost.

In a world where love is hard to come across.

I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

I don’t want what I love to be lost.

Thinking on things that he said.
His words are sacred.

Dancing around in my head.
His words are sacred.

And I’ll be moving for him, to come and make me sacred.

And I’ll move only for him, so he will, make me sacred.

The sacrament’s his song, so I don’t want reality to lose my religion.

My lips and tongue rejoice, as they sing along.

I don’t want my mind to lose my religion.

My ears worship the sound as gospel.
My heart no longer feels hostile.

I don’t want what I love to be lost.

I don’t want to forsake my God.

Written by S.K.Jackson

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