You are permanent my love.
You are more than a thought.
My darling!
You are branded in my mind.
You are beneath my skin.
Sat behind my eyes.

Now every man that I see.
Does not compare to thee.
I feel you look at them.
Yes! You’re looking straight at them, through me.

I have captured emotions.
That circle with one another.
Circle like fish in a net.
Beneath a dark vast ocean.
Oh feelings, I beg that you break free from me.

This love for you is a tiny light. Dragging my heart across dry land.
Burning logic that once existed.
I am blind and hopeless.
Barely surviving in this arid climate.

What lives in me?
I am tormented and vunerable.
Is it a curse? Is it voodoo?
It’s so hard to fathom.
You see darling, nothing excites my mouth like the taste of you.
Due to this,I am famished.

I love you. I adore you. I want you.
Even the death of me would create a ghost for you.
Shackled and bound to your soul.
Yes! I am your slave for eternity.

And the truth is.
I feel us meeting was a twisted sick fate.
Fate, merging with destiny’s desire.
You see my love,how can I bond to another?
When I was born with you branded on my bones, heart and mind.

Written by S.K. Jackson