Just stop your thoughts for a minute.

Be in the moment.
You are still thinking aren’t you?
Forever trying to find meaning and reason.
Well right now there is no meaning.
Stop the thoughts.
You are fighting so many things in your past, and in the world.
You know some fights can’t be won.
Stop dragging them with you.
Sometimes you just got to let go.
I’ll teach you to make light of the situation.
It doesn’t have to always feel heavy.

I’ve never know anyone feel like you or give pieces of their heart to so many people without question or reason. Even strangers. Doesn’t it feel exhausting?

And why do you care so much about what other people think of you anyway.
You know their perceptions aren’t you.
You tell me this all the time.
It was you who told me, that people make assumptions on what life has taught them and judge you from their experiences.
And you are right, so trust your own advice.

Stop trying to please people.
Don’t dumb down your intelligence for others.
You don’t have to be friends with people who hurt you or take away your peace either.
No one can say you didn’t try.
I’ve never know you not give.
But not everyone is looking to connect.
Stop hanging on, trying to find the good. Trying to find meaning.
Just walk away.
Why can’t you let go?
Why are others so important to you?
The question I have for you is how important are you to yourself?

I see you reaching out to others.
You’ve got a massive heart.
I just wish you’d take care of it.
I do like that spark you have.
I know you have got my back.
You don’t run from the darkness and sadness in others.
You are selfless. That is a strength.

You might be crazy but it’s a good thing.
Complexed too. A little sensitive and extreme. Expressive, deep, kind and funny.You are so many things.
But you don’t have to prove you are in control of everything all the time.
You don’t have to prove anything.

Stop giving yourself away.

I’m not trying to change you.
I wouldn’t dare because I know you’d tell me where to get off.
Plus there aren’t that many special things in the world, so you can’t change.
You are needed.
I love who you are.
It is unique.
And it has been there for me. You always have been there.
I just want to see you relax a little.
Take a moment for yourself.
Stop worrying about others.
I just want you to let go now and again
I just want to see you happy.
You give so much happiness to others
save some for you.

Written by S.K. Jackson