He opens me up.

Inserts his pistol in my mouth.

Penetrating the hole.

My heart hangs in his shadows.

The darkness becomes my lover

I take it; here comes the rain.

I take it; here comes the pain.

The bullet; the contradiction of me living and my demise.

My soul swims in this blue haze

I am lifeless in his grip.

Just a vice to bring pleasure to his dick.

I am nothing. I lay for nothing. I belong in the darkness with nothing.

And the darkness sees…

…I am only worth nothing.

And I cum like a good girl.

My eyes hold on to a flicker of light.

It breaks down my walls.

I allow the light to take me.

Pushing through my skin.

The fear. The wanting of the light. It slowly melts the bullets, he hid under my flesh.

And I now find I have a bigger weapon.

A more powerful gun, that resides within.

And the nothing is where I was placed.

Not who I am.

And now I see…

…my only protection from him..

…is me.

Written by S.K. Jackson